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Posted in Writing by seán on January 20, 2011

There are at least three different arrows of time. First, there is the thermodynamic arrowof time, the direction of time in which disorder or entropy increases. Then, there is thepsychological arrow of time. This is the direction in which we feel time passes, the direction in which we remember the past but not the future. Finally, there is thecosmological arrow of time. This is the direction of time in which the universe isexpanding rather than contracting.

Hawking, A brief history of time, 1988

*  above  * a proton and an anti-proton particle collision at the VEPP-2M particle accelerator  *  below  * a graph from hawkings book describing the rapid expansion of the universe in the moments after the big bang  *  here  * this ‘food for thought’ is heavily biased towards this editor’s own fascination with science & time via the quantum and cosmic  *  elsewhere  * how do your personal obsessions and half-chased curiosities speak to the characteristics of time ?

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