Editor’s Choice: ‘Disorder Before Order’ by Holly Wales

Posted in Editors' Choice by stephen on November 23, 2011

The latest in the series of Editor’s Choices is taken from Matzine 07, “The Hourglass Issue” [ed.Seán McAlister]

This submission, by illustrator Holly Wales, was an invitation into her mind; a glimpse at the thinking process in creating intriguing compositions. It presents to us an idea of order and disorder and how our brains process the construction of an image. I’m intrigued by this piece as it eludes to an infinite amount of possibilities and that what we see here are only moments in a continuous mechanism. These moments capture how our brains try to grasp onto something tangible that we can relate to: to offer us comfort or recognition, and come to a conclusion that what we are looking at is something familiar.

It is not difficult to appreciate the influence of this process on creating and viewing architecture and space. To treat a facade as a kit of parts that needs to be assembled/desembled to create something recognisable. To see forms that bring nostalgia of past moments in time. An appreciation of disorder in architecture would at first seem counterintuitive, but this just might be the perfect route to another kind of order, not yet seen or used.

Stephen Mackie

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Nocturnal industrialists

Posted in Announcements by ryanmcloughlin on August 18, 2011

From now until the submission date, 1st of September, I will posting images of night time industrial happenings, on the waterlogged side streets of Mumbai. The images will be focusing on the labour intensive crafts, industries of human effort. Blood sweat and chai. #matzine10

Endeavours to distil my surroundings, catch its rawest forms.

What will be yours?


mat.zine #09

Posted in Announcements by stephen on July 4, 2011

for your reading pleasure :

mat.zine #09 is hot off the press!

enjoy, print, and spread the word!

editor: Stephen Mackie

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