How to submit

We encourage all manners of work for consideration at matzine! Though please follow these simple submission guidelines…


With all submissions, please include the following…

  1. Name,
  2. Title of work,
  3. Captions to accompany images, video etc.
  4. Website/blog


Submit text as text files. e.g. .txt, .doc, .odf, email… We prefer no more than 1200 words per submission, while at the same time no words are necessary.

Submit images as *.jpeg or *.png at 300dpi in CMYK.  Images will be published online in colour although the same images would be physically printed either in colour or black & white. For this reason, use your discretion when choosing how you prepare your images.

Submit video and audio through dropbox, youtube, vimeo etc… and remember to send selected screenshots/thumbnails of the video, along with an accompanying caption or piece of text which relates to the media.

We encourage other formats of content and means of communication, so please e-mail your queries:

We prefer submissions which are current, relevant to the issue and previously unpublished

No advertisements. If a submission feels like an advertisement, or craft-less self-promotion, it will likely not be published

Copyright remains that of the author

Selection Process

After the submission deadline, the editorial team will sit/skype together to discuss the submissions and defend those we wish to include in the issue.

We can not promise all submitted work will be published, though we will consider those unpublished works for later issues, if appropriate.

We respect the effort our submitters give toward their articles, and so we will make every effort to publish as much work as we can, in print and online.

Some articles will be published in print while all selected articles will be published

Send to

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