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Posted in Announcements by Ian Pollard on July 28, 2010

Ok my friends. So we have finished with all of that masters malarkey. Lets keep this zine ticking along nonetheless, and keep our collaborative efforts in sincere motion. In fact, lets welcome contributions from beyond the former material master’s group.

Therefore; a proposal is herein put to you each and all, princes, paupers, pencil-pushers and pedagogues;

  • Each edition is built around a theme, as before.
  • The theme is selected and the call for submissions announced by the editor, which alternates for each edition.
  • All content is welcome; drawings, photographs, writing, and is uploaded to an online folder within three weeks of the initial call for submissions.
  • The editor then formats the content as they desire. (Perhaps keeing to the A6 size, as before)
  • The zine is then published one month from announcement of the theme, on this site, as an article and a formatted pdf which we can each print and enjoy.
  • Alternatively, and in retro-printing fashion, the editor could print a number of copies which are posted, employing snail mail, to our addresses all over this earth!

To get the proverbial sphere rolling I will act as the editor for this next edition. To this effect I will post a call for submissions in the coming days. So watch this space, and subscribe promptly to keep updated.

Anyone interested in contributing to or editing an edition of mat.zine do let me know. I will then provide you with appropriate permissions for the google docs folder and this blog.  And any suggestions with regard to amending the guidelines; do not hesitate to post them below.

Big ideas, small magazines…here here, here here!


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  1. Fergus said, on August 6, 2010 at 09:47

    delighted to see the spirit of adventure is under good stewardship for like minded explorers………………….what possibilities !

  2. rowan said, on July 29, 2010 at 15:19

    molto bene. r

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