matzine#purlieu is now online

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“A certain territory of ground adjoining unto the forest [which] was once 

forest-land and afterwards disafforested by the perambulations made for the

severing of the new forests from the old”

John Manwood’s definition of Purlieu in his book Treatise of the Lawes of the forest (1598)

matzine#purlieu is now online! view it here

This special edition of Matzine is kindly funded by Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art [GoMA], for publication during the Objective festival; ‘a city wide conversation on sculpture.’ This issue forms part of Gayle Meikle’s artwork commission for the festival. This special, collaborative edition of Matzine sought to experiment with curating and editing, with regards to Purlieu, and the common grounds between art & architecture. The result is part zine, part art object, part storytelling.

matzine#purlieu GLASGOW launch!

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Matzine, with Gayle Meikle, are launching a specially commissioned edition this weekend in Glasgow. Come, make friends, and enjoy some intelligent conversation… !

4pm – 6pm, Saturday 30th March
The Briggait, 141 Bridgegate, G1 5HZ, Glasgow
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Gayle Meikle and MATZINE would like to invite you to the launch of Purlieu a special edition of Matzine commissioned by Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art [GoMA] for Objective festival; ‘a city wide conversation on sculpture.’ This issue forms part of Gayle Meikle’s project for the festival.

We will be launching the zine at Tender Bar on the 30th of March from 4pm. Please join us to pick up your free copy alongside some excellent drinks by the tender bar gents and delicious nibbles. We will also be hosting an informal round table discussion about the purlieu of sculpture and architecture. Anyone is welcome to join in.

Contributors to the zine are: Sidsel Christensen . Ric Warren . Erik Smith . Fergus Purdie & Arthur Watson . GRAS architecture . Warmbaby. Virginia Hutchison . Dele Adeyemo

Purlieu is a citywide nomadic project which explore the periphery of sculpture disseminated through paper. Artist Erik Smith will also be presenting Paper Ball, a limited edition sculpture that will be available at participating venues.

The first edition of Matzine#purlieu consisted of two thousand copies, printed March 2013. The publication is set in Liberation Serif. The Matzine editors were Stephen Mackie, Rowan Mackinnon- Pryde, Seán McAlister & Ryan McLoughlin

#12 ‘the staircase’ ONLINE LAUNCH

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matzine #12 is now online! …read more

editors: stephen mackie & seán mcalister