matzine #12

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It was three weeks after the refreshing launch of Matzine#11 Resilience when we [Seán & Stephen] found a neat Turkish cafe to sit-in, drink and chat about the next issue; this issue. We thought carefully about the effect of a theme on contributions, agreeing that Matzine#12’s subject matter should offer an unambiguous reading, something not immediately abstract in nature. With this idea we would propose a strong, central focal point from which our contributors could depart. ‘The Staircase’ came to us pretty quickly in the conversation, maybe because it fit the above description but certainly because we share an abnormal attraction to staircases!

The staircase is one of those fundamental architectural ingredients. And as this issue illustrates, it is a device employed by our contributors to explore a multitude of ideas. It is an element that easily conjures ideas of the practical and the absurd, the symbolic and the real, the static and the moving. In this striking issue we have so many excellent pieces that deserve your undivided, discerning attention; including a fine set of invited submissions: a festive cocktail recipe from Dr. Crystal Bennes; a written article by Charles Holland; an art film from Tiago Casanova and a review of Venice Biennale 2012 by our own Rowan Mackinnon-Pryde. And of course, please enjoy the marvellous, mesmerising cover illustration by Andrew Ross.

The rich and varied set of articles you hold in your hands [or have on your screen] testifies for our contributors’ individualism and intellect. That each contributor invests in this collective publication, without material reward, is a proof of pleasure in immaterial things. For us, Matzine#12 celebrates these qualities which bring us together and bind us in a much more meaningful manner than the setting of a theme could ever achieve. ■

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Editors: Stephen Mackie & Seán McAlister

Contributors :

In this issue …

Andrew Ross

Andrew Skulina

Catherine Pease

Charles Holland

Charlotte Vitaioli

Christopher Carthy

Christopher Pendrich

Crystal Bennes

David V. Taylor

Esme Fieldhouse

Fergus Purdie

Jack Wates

Jonny Marks

Maija Viksne

Mentor Noci

Rowan Mackinnon-Pryde

Ryan McLoughlin

Seán McAlister

Stephen Mackie

Tiago Casanova


Cover illustration by Andy Ross. Photograph of rare mineral and chemical element bismuth. Atomic symbol Bi, atomic number 83.


The first edition of Matzine#12 consisted of fifty copies, printed December 2012. The publication is set in Liberation Serif, designed in 2007, whose characterful glyphs make easy reading of small text. We used capitalised Open Sans, designed in 2010, for our titles, for the typeface’s soft and clean modern style.


All work © the contributors. Please respect their work and reproduce and distribute this publication, electronically and in print wherever possible. 

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