mat.zine #09

Copy Paste

It can be said that copy|paste has become a ubiquitous act, a series of keyboard commands, which today has become synonymous with the computer. This issue explores the implications of these three keys on our lives – what are these commands other than an efficient way to duplicate information?

The process by which this zine has materialised was directly influenced by its theme – adopting a photocopier in lieu of the computer. The laborious method of physically copying|cutting|pasting (repeat [endlessly]) has brought forth how these simple keys are now embedded in our toolkits for making.

To the contributors: thank you for your enthusiasm towards the theme, without you i’d have nothing to photocopy.

Welcome to copy|paste


 Stephen Mackie


Esme Fieldhouse – A House by The Sea

André Ford – Keys Pressed 28.06.11

Stephen Mackie – The Shifting Void

Rowan Mackinnon-Pryde & Alexandra Ross – ⌘x ⌘v

Jonathan Marks – Some Recent Erosions

 Seán McAlister – Etienne + I

 Ryan McLoughlin – Spit Here

Ian Pollard – Martello Tower at Finvarra Co. Clare

Owen Pritchard – Memory Block: 2005-2011

Robert Fieldhouse – Raga Man

Rion Willard – (ctrl C ctrl V) a reality

Cameron McEwan – The Architecture of Analogy: A Contextual Design

Alex Pearson – Sub-Rural Futures

Fearghus Roulston – Destroy Before Reading

Gerry Reilly – Architecture for Humanity

Jonathan Peel – The Happiness of Joseph Knut

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