mat.zine #08

Domestic Exotic

‘I’ve been thinking,’ I said, ‘about the Hollow Earth. Do you know about the Mole Man of Mortimer Road? Or Edmond Halley’s demolished manor house?’ 1

There is something to be said for assuming the role of tourist in the most familiar of surroundings : of assembling the pieces of an infinite jigsaw, of being kept on your toes.

As Goethe said, we cannot know our own language until we learn a foreign one, so this issue of matzine relishes the position of the outsider. After all, it is on the periphery where questions are asked and answers are researched.

What lies ahead comprises seventeen individual readings of a question, seventeen different holes dug. Collected together, we hold the archives.

Welcome to domestic exotic.

1. Iain Sinclair (2009) Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire


EditorEsme Fieldhouse


Alice Chambers, Adam Currie, Esme Fieldhouse, André Ford,

Russell Harnett, Stephen Mackie, Rowan Mackinnon-Pryde, Jonathan Marks,

Andrew  May, Seán McAlister, Ryan McLoughlin, David Mc Nabb,

Ian Pollard, Owen Pritchard, Oliver Sims, Guy Woodhouse, Nora Wuttke

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