mat.zine #07

The Hourglass Issue

Dear reader

here-in: the hourglass issue;

the effect time has on you;

how it and you are ‘twine

here-on will test your eye-sight [there is a lot of small text]

where image, prose, thought just might

spur questions in like kind.

so read, scan and ponder,

upon content of times yonder;

the contributors’ resplendent list

the hourglass becomes a symbol,

an object which asks;

“after all, does the present exist?”


Editor: Seán McAlister


Cameron McEwan, Holly Wales, Ian Pollard,

Alex Pearson, Chris Pendrich, André Ford,

Rion Willard, Seán McAlister, Stephen Mackie,

Hugh McEwen, Khalid Shirrawi, Esme Fieldhouse,

Andrew  May

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  1. Ian Pollard said, on February 23, 2011 at 13:30

    This is great – particularly like the poetic editorial. More of that please!
    Also, I enjoyed reading some of O’Kane’s essays. Quite the scholar he is, and he managed to reference Walter Benjamin, Duchamp and Hokusai in one piece. Kudos for that.

  2. smmcalister said, on February 23, 2011 at 00:40

    Click to access PhD%20Extract%202-Giving%20Form%20To%20History.pdf

    suggested further reading : check out this phd extract of artist paul okean, of the title ‘giving form to history’

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