mat.zine #09

Posted in Announcements by stephen on July 4, 2011

for your reading pleasure :

mat.zine #09 is hot off the press!

enjoy, print, and spread the word!

editor: Stephen Mackie

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mat.zine #09 call for submissions

Posted in Announcements by stephen on May 10, 2011

now that mat.zine #08 is circulating by web or hands it’s time to stir up some excitement about the next edition of mat.zine: copy paste

this sequence of commands is so familiar to our daily life. but what if we ponder the implications of this simple gesture on design, writing, ethics, architecture, music.

for this issue, i’d like to request that submissions be sent in hard copy format i.e. by post.

understandably this will not be possible for everyone but if you can, post your submissions to the address below:
Stephen Mackie
NEU Architects
9 Heneage Street
E1 5LJ

deadline for submissions: 17 june 2011

submissions by e-mail should be sent to –

image: dolly,  the first mammal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell