matzine #13 ‘Jargon’ – Open Call for Submissions

Posted in Announcements by Ian Pollard on June 13, 2013


Jargon can be defined both as a language particular to a trade or discipline and an unintelligible code. How we discuss a piece of work is inextricably tied to how the profession that made it is perceived and experienced by others. Much like any other language, each jargon is comfortably familiar to some, alien and intangible to others; this secrecy allows a skill to be guarded, to build intriguing fortresses that ultimately add value and distinction.

Arguably, in architecture it is on the blurry boundaries with other disciplines where the most exciting and innovative things are taking place. In talking about art and architecture, we often find jargon to be both inescapable and irresistible; can it take forms other than writing?

In collaboration, each discipline must exchange particular forms of expression with the understanding that something may be gained – as well as lost – in the translation. How do we balance this exchange with a critical language that is necessarily immersive and unself-conscious?

In matzine 13, the editors seek to explore these themes; our intention is not to contrive relationships where they need not exist, but rather to document the ones that might, or should.

This is an open call for submissions. The deadline is the 27th July 2013. Selection of pieces for final inclusion will take place by editorial review after this date. Individual and collaborative submissions are welcome, and can take any form; the list includes essays, interviews, reviews and short-stories, to drawings, illustration and photography and more.

The editors encourage initial proposals & undeveloped thoughts in advance of the deadline via Further expansion on the theme will follow in the coming weeks, and will be posted here as a series of short texts with the aim of provoking response from all who share an interest.

Editors: Ian Pollard & Esme Fieldhouse

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