3 weeks to-go : matzine#12 countdown

Posted in Food for Thought by stephen on November 11, 2012

Three weeks to-go until submission deadline for the decidedly-winterly matzine#12 issue!
To help set your minds in rich places we [Seán & Stephen] will offer you a weekly fragment from our own investigations, while at the same time building up to the fast approaching 1st december

I love the film Psycho. It contains all the sinister ingredients for a classic horror movie. As an architecture student I was obsessed with this film for its overt use of archetypal elements to build suspense and dread. The voyeuristic peep hole, the house raised up on the hill, the use of the basement and staircase all blend together to reinforce our ideas of what we fear.

In this scene, Arbogast’s curiosity of the house brings him inside. Standing at the foot of the staircase we all know that he is about to encounter his greatest fear when he reaches the top. The staircase in this scene is an amazing element that slowly builds the tension with each step he takes.

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