Editor’s Choice: ‘The Everynight’ by André Ford

Posted in Editors' Choice by ryanmcloughlin on February 5, 2012

Matzine editions #1 – #10 have been indulgence in the art of hyper rapid publishing. This approach, born out of the notions of ⌘C ⌘V as a form of creative  production, has forced the artists to respond in kind. ‘The Everynight’ by André Ford is exemplar of this incremental approach of releasing ideas to the public domain.

When faced with the challenge, André emptied his pockets on to the bed of a photocopier, printed them, scanned them and submitted the result. The accompanying text connects the process to the theme of the current edition, Brick, Matzine #10. This submission embodies matzines current trend; efficient production and representation of ideas at a fast pace.

Ryan McLoughlin

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