domestic exotic : food for thought

Posted in Announcements by esmefieldhouse on March 25, 2011

it’s 7 days until the submission deadline for matzine#8 : here are three foods for your thinking :

1. Slinkachu [above] : look up, look down, zoom in, recycle, make up a story

2. Psychogeographing [the word ‘Psychogeography’ comes from DeQuincey’s wanderings, slightly druggy, no pattern, mapping out the city in a dream-like state. Then with Walter Benjamin and the Situationists the term becomes more extreme, a matter of taking very conceptual decisions about the walking you would do and how you would access the city like that] Iain Sinclair, 1999
3. many small parts make an unexpectedly massive whole : think small

please email your handiwork to by end of play on Friday 1 April

the issue will be in an a5 format, as before, but I encourage creativity within those limits

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